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Social Media Maha Mitra’ state level congregation on 24th March

85000 youth registering their participation

Mumbai,  Mar 23: ‘Social Media Maha Mitra’ a unique initiative of Maharashtra State Government to provide maximum scope to youth to connect with social media and to create awareness through that in the society, has elucidated unprecedented response from the youth of the state with as many as 85000 youth registering their participation.

Out of these, 300 Maha Mitra who were shortlisted on the basis of certain parameters will be honoured and felicitated at the hands of the Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis on March 24 in Mumbai. The program will be held at Yashwantrao Chavhan Sabhagruha at 10 am on Saturday.

Youth in the country are familiar with social media like Face Book, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and use them to communicate. Besides being an instrument of knowledge and entertainment, the social media has the strength to transform the minds and influence the opinions of the society and this has been proved on many occasions.

With this aspect in mind and with an intention to encourage the youth to use the social media for creating a positive and reasonable outlook, the state government launched ‘Social Media Maha Mitra’ initiative. With the huge response it received, the ‘Appbrain’ portal accorded top ranking to Maha Mitra among the social media ranking.

The registration for this initiative began on February 1 and anyone above 15 years of age was allowed to download this Maha Mitra app from Google Play Store free of charge to participate in the competition.

At the primary level 10 ‘social media maha mitra’ were selected from each taluka. They were invited to participate in the district level special program. A group discussion of these ‘Maha Mitra’ was arranged with collectors, ZP CEOs, Police Commissioners, Police Superintendents, and prominent personalities of the society on the topic of better use of social media. After this group discussion, one each from the taluka was selected for state level program.

Various leading and famous personalities from social media field are invited for this state-level program to be attended by the Chief Minister of the state. Those4 selected in this program will be honoured as ‘Social Media Maha Mitra’. They will have an opportunity to have dialogue with the invitees.

The parameters for selection included number of contacts in top five groups of various messaging apps, total contacts in phone book, how many social media platforms/messaging applications were used, the votes obtained from friends, distribution of messages sent, and proportion of messages sent and received. The individual would see his or her ranking based on the marks. The app had this facility. In the primary round top 10 persons were selected from each taluka based on marks they received out of the total of 75. After the group discussions they were given marks out of 15 and one person was selected for the state level program on the basis of marks obtained out of 100.

Youth have registered their massive participation in this initiative to make Maharashtra progressive, positive and harmonious.

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