Pune Nashik Semi-High Speed Railway Line

Pune and Nashik cities have undergone rapid economic growth in recent years, and along with this growth have come a sharp rise in the volume of people and goods being transported in the Pune – Nashik route. Mumbai, Pune and Nasik are together referred as golden triangle of Maharashtra where pace of socioeconomic development is very fast.

At present there is no direct link between these important cities of Maharashtra state. The new proposal is not only likely to draw more number of trains but at the same time high speed travel will also attract more number of passengers to the route. It will also act as a catalyst to the industrial corridor along the belt, thus shall generate more revenue to the region.

Salient features:

  •  Length: 235.15 Km
  •  Speed Potential: Semi High Speed with 200 KMPH
  •  Travel time from Pune to Nashik: 2:00 hrs
  •  Stations proposed: 24
  •  Tunnels: 18
  •  Project Cost: Approx. 16,039/- Crores
  •  Completion period: 1200 Days from the financial closure
nashik pune railway
nashik pune railway


  •  The Rail line will pass through three main districts of Maharashtra, i.e. Pune, Ahmednagar and Nasik.
  •  This will also be the first low cost semi-high speed corridor in the country.
  •  This will probably be the first instance in India wherein both lines are proposed to be constructed simultaneously, with electrification.
  •  Seamless connectivity to industrial zones of Pune and Nashik such as Alandi, Chakan, Khed, Manchar, Narayangaon, Sinnar, Satpur.
  •  Development of container depots along the rail corridor.
  •  Development rights for proposed stations.
  •  Development of Private Freight Terminal (PFT), Dry Port, Multimodal and commercial hub, Warehouses and Siding at suggested location by local industries.
  •  Economic development due to fast track movement of cargo by Railways
  •  This will open a new revenue stream for industries by fast track movement of cargo by Railways.
  •  Providing connectivity for transport of coal to thermal power plants.
  •  Facilitating economical transportation of the industrial goods from Pune region to different part of the country as well as to ports.
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