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Food  Security Force,   Agricultural Tools Repair Center Will be Implemented  in Maharashtra — Deepak Kesarkar

Minister of State Deepak Kesarkar Visits Keral Agriculture  University

Food  Security Force,   Agricultural Tools Repair Centre Model On the Line of Kerala Will be Implemented  in Maharashtra

— Deepak Kesarkar

Mumbai, March 3 :  Minister of State for Finance , Planning and Home ( Rural ) Deepak Kesarkar visited the Agriculture Rectification Centre at Kerala Agriculture  University, Munutthi and got information about University Food Security Force (Army) concept and new rectification of Agricultural Tools Technology Knowldege. New model based on technical knowledge  prepared by the University will be implemented  in Maharashtra , said Shree Kesarkar .

In the discussion with University Vice Chancellor R. Chandrababu, Shree Kesarkar got information  about the concept of various rectification impl by the University. The University  is implementing the concept Food Security Force. Shree Kesarkar said that  MaharShtra  will follow this concept . The new models of Food Security Force, Agricultural Tools Services and Repair Centre, Mobile Units of Agricultural Tools Services and Repair are useful for the Agriculture  development. As a model Good Security Force and Agricultural Tools Services and Repair Centre will be started initially in two districts of the State.

   Crop   pattern  in every division of the State  is different . Crop pattern in Kerala is the same as in Konkan . Sugarcane  and  turmeric  art grown in Central Maharashtra  and Orange and cotton are grown in Vidarbha . Functions of Food Security Force and Agricultural  Technology  Services Centre are different according to the division.  For this the experts of Kerala  University  should cooperate .

Shree Kesarkar praised the Self Help Groups for their important role in the development  of Keral . Dr. Chandrababu said that it is matter of satisfaction to use the technology  of the University  for the Agriculture  development. He assured that Kerala Agriculture University will support and guide in implementation of Food Security Force, Agricultural  Technology  Services Centre and other models in Maharashtra.

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