भूतान 2018: साऊथ एशिया क्रॉस कंट्री चॅम्पियनशिप धावपटू संजीवनी जाधव ने पटकावले गोल्ड मेडल

India’s men and women athletes dominated the South Asian Cross Country Championships winning gold medals in both categories at Thimpu in Bhutan on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.South Asian Cross Country Championships Bhutan Sanjivani Jadhav win gold.

नाशिकच्या शिरपेचात मनाचा तुरा…भूतान येथे पार पडलेल्या 2018 साऊथ एशिया क्रॉस कंट्री चॅम्पियनशिप मध्ये धावपटू संजीवनी जाधव ने पटकावले गोल्ड मेडल.

In women’s 8km event, Sanjivani Jadhav clocked 32:00.64 to win the gold while Nepal’s Bishwarupa (32:18.47) settled for silver and Uda Rathnayaka (32:28.75) of Sri Lanka grabbed the bronze medal.

In men’s 10km race, India’s Pradeep Singh Chaudhary won the gold with the timing of 33:52.20 while Shankar Man Thapa (IND) clocked 34:01.64 to grab a silver medal. Sri Lanka’s Don Lional won the bronze medal with the timing of 34:15.47.

Team Championships:

Men’s 10km- 1. India, 2. Sri Lanka, 3. Bhutan

Women’s 8km– 1. Sri Lanka, 2. India, 3. Nepal

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