Raj Thackeray Pune Press Conference Highlights

The highlights of the press conference held by Mr. Raj Thackeray Raj Thackeray Pune Press Conference Highlights

1. I had to postpone my press conference by a day as there was a bit of inconvenience caused by the releasing of excess water in the river basin.

2. The parents of the students who are sitting for the NEET medical entrance exam had come to see me. Each year, our students have to undergo this anguish. The question that arises is that, are the students of Maharashtra ever going to get priority or not?

3. The students who have appeared for the 10th and 12th year exam from Maharashtra should be given priority. A similar law exists in other states, wherein, their students are prioritised. Then why cannot such a law prevail in Maharashtra? Today the youth of Maharashtra is not getting a preference in the medical entrance exams and our present government is turning a blind eye to this. Raj Thackeray Pune Press Conference Highlights

5. The students and youth of Maharashtra are being denied special privileges by the government and yet the youth from other states are given easier access?
The Maharashtra CM has nothing to offer except silence as this government is run by the Central government machinery.

6. The NEET entrance exam held in Tamil Nadu had a few errors in the exam paper. The local MP approached the court of law with this grievance and the court granted 4 marks to each student as compensation.
And look at our peoples representatives? They do nothing. Why is our government silent on such issues?

7. The situation that the NEET entrance exams are being faced with, a similar predicament is being faced by the agitation for a demand of a higher price for milk. The farmers are agitating that the government should increase the price. Due to this agitation, the supply of milk has been hit and the government is using this to allow more milk supply from Amul into Maharashtra.

8. There was a huge quantity of milk in Maharashtra, few crores of litres. However, instead of giving preference to this, the government is giving preference to the
milk from other states.

9. We agitated against the potholes on our roads. So the ‘Maharashtra Sainiks’ were beaten up by the police. The BJP needs to realise that currently they are in power but tomorrow when the power no longer rests with you? How will your party workers be treated then?

10. The students of Maharashtra should be given priority over others for the NEET medical entrance exam. However, if the students from other states are prioritised; then the MNS is going to keep a keen eye on such students. If you think this is a threat; then so be it. Raj Thackeray Pune Press Conference Highlights

11. The students from other states are not our enemies at all. All we are saying, is that the youth that is born in Maharashtra should be given priority over others.
If there are still seats that are vacant after this, then surely one can think of the youth from other states.

12. Of course, the Ram Mandir should come up but this should not be used as a tool to fight elections.
I am against this being used as a religious tool. This tactic is being used by the BJP.
I stand against it.

13. There are so many challenges and hurdles that are being faced by our nation. What is this new trend of giving “ fitness challenges”to each other? Raj Thackeray Pune Press Conference Highlights
The real issue is that, we need to consolidate our nation first. Make it fit in the true sense.

14. There is a lot of debate and conflict over the construction of the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the Arabian Sea. I am a student of JJ School of arts.
I know the complications and impediments that can arise of this structure being built in sea. I had put forth my views on this even earlier.

15. The real tribute and homage to the great Shivaji Maharaj would be to restore and preserve his forts. As the forts are his real identity.

16. There is so much discussion on, regarding the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. But whatever happened to the statue that was to be erected of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat?
How come there are no questions being asked there?

17. I was the first to state that the refinery will not take place in Naanar in a public rally. After that, the others saw the response that was being generated, so they decided to do the same.

18. One party of the government says this refinery will come up and the other says No..
Can you imagine what is going to be the situation?
What are the citizens of Maharashtra to understand of this?

Raj Thackeray Pune Press Conference Highlights

Source : Raj Thackeray Facebook Page

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