Maximum start-ups of the country in Maharashtra

Mumbai, Date 27: Maharashtra has maximum start-ups out of 21 thousand 548 start-ups registered in the country.  8 thousand 402 start-ups are registered in Maharashtra.

The State Government is encouraging start-ups in various fields like education and skills, health services, agriculture, pollution-free energy, water and garbage management, administration and comprehensive economic development.  Start-up schemes are getting good response in Maharashtra and more and more youth are turning to start-up.

          Start-ups are working to utilize the resources of Maharashtra.  Maharashtra has maximum start-ups and Maharashtra will continue to lead in future also. Maharashtra State Innovation Society is encouraging start-ups to promote industries.  Desiring people get the chance to work with the government through start-ups.

          Start-ups are being encouraged to create new industrialists in Maharashtra based on new technology and new ideas through the medium of start-ups. Besides, initiatives like Start-up Saptah/ Start-Up Yatra are implemented in the state so industrialist persons can be created in rural as well as urban areas.

24 start-up winners of Maharashtra Start-up week get State Government’s official work orders worth of Rs. 15 lakh and a chance to work with a sub-division. Maharashtra Start-up Saptah was organized in June 2018 to January 2019.   Pilot projects of 48 winners of two start-up weeks are currently active with various departments of the State Government.

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